Cubeactive website privacy policy


Cubeactive's servers may collect information provided by your internet client/browser. This information is stored in a log file for gathering stastistic information. This information may include, but is not limited to: Ip address, browser client, screen resolution, previous visited webpage and search terms.

These statistics are used to analyze the usage of our website and help optimize the website's availability.
For example if there is an increase of users with a specific screen resolution the site may be optimized to be displayed correctly to this group of users.


A Cookie is a file with information stored on a visitors computer. These cookies can be accessed by the website every time you visit the website. Cubeactive's website may place these cookies to identify users, login users and to store other user settings.

Cubeactive's website also use third party plugins that may also place cookies on your computer. These cookies can be used to identify a visitor. For a complete overview on how these third parties handel your data please visit their privacy policy. Cubeactive's website uses plugins from the following websites:


If you have any questions about Cubeactive's website privacy policy please send an email to: